Odessa National Economic University was founded in 1921. Today it is one of the leading higher educational establishments of Ukraine in the field of economics, and is also a member of the European Association of universities (EUA).

ONEU trains highly qualified economists (bachelors, specialists and masters) in different directions and specialties, and also gives an opportunity for further training - postgraduate study and doctoral studies.

ONEU develops the international cooperation with educational and scientific centers of the world and outstanding scientists of other countries, it carries out an exchange of students, post-graduate students and teachers.

Last year more than 1700 specialists from 60 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have undertaken studies at the university. Many of them, after teaching in post-graduate study and successful defending of dissertations hold leading positions at their countries. Currently more than 320 foreign students from 19 countries are studying at the university.

The development of International Relations of Odessa National Economic University is characterized by the growth of its integration into the international educational community, at the level of the research-and-production organizations, and by the establishment and strengthening of prospective contacts with leading educational institutions of Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain and the USA.

According to the signed contracts the university takes an active part in the development and realization of various international projects and programs, including TEMPUS/TACIS.