International relations department

On the 13th of June 2015 Rector of the University, M.I. Zvyeryakov handing certificates to the first group of students ONEU who studied for 4 years entirely in English. Education in a specially created group of the Rector's order, allowing students to further study the English language, and especially the economic terminology. Purchased in a such way knowledge will help in finding employment in the native and foreign companies, which require knowledge of foreign languages.

We remind students and applicants of the opportunity to join the groups of students who are studying at the university in English.

For information, contact the Department of International Relations of the University room 125 in the main building, tel. 35-81-60.

"I am a student of the 5th course of the Odessa National Economic University, Anastasia Tsyganenko. For 4 full years, unlearned in its walls, we came out a lot of interesting work both existed for many years, and completely new projects. Starting with the first course ONEU gave me the opportunity to complete training in English. In a specially formed group we learned to work with foreign sources in non-standard format, in accordance with international requirements. Those years of hard work have allowed me to successfully unlearn in the University of Strasbourg in France in the framework of the double degree, which at this point is available only in one Ukrainian university – our ONEU. By entering this university, I never dreamed of such prospects. I am very proud of being ONEU student. " - Anastasia Tsyganenko

Address: 8, Preobrazhenskaya str., room 125, IRD, Оdessa, 65082 Ukraine
+38 (0482) 32-79-16, 35-81-60
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