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ONEU affiliated the membership of Universities in Europe, signed in MAGNA CHARTA

The Magna Charta of Universities was signed by the rector M.I. Zveryakov in one of the oldest universities, which was founded in 1088 in Bologna on the 14th of September 2010.

The Magna Charta of Universities was signed by the Rector M.I. Zveryakov in one of the oldest universities, which was founded in 1088 in Bologna on the 14th of September 2010. It is known that Ukraine joined the Bologna process at the Ministry Conference of European countries in Bergen (Norway) on the 19th of May 2005, pledging to make appropriate changes in the national education system and to join the work on setting priorities in the process of creating a common European Area of Higher Education.

The procedure for signing the Magna Charta of Universities took place in several stages. The first and indispensable condition was to participate in a scientific conference in the University of Bologna, where the important issues and problems in international education were discussed. There were about 200 participants, representatives of the scientific community from all over the world, including Ukraine. Odessa delegation included Rector M.I. Zveryakov and Vice-rector of academic, educational work and international relations G.I. Shubartovsky.

The Conference worked in 5 areas where there were 5 sections. Rector of the University M.I. Zveryakov and vice-rector G.I. Shubartovsky participated in the second section, named "The development of institutional autonomy and academic freedom for innovation in curriculum design and education al programs." In the second phase of the conference (participations) they were given an opportunity to speak to each representative from all sections with the proposals which were adopted during the conference.

A ceremonial signing of the Magna Charta of Universities was held next day in the old church of the University of Bologna. According to the protocol, to sign the Magna Charta, all the rectors should have been dressed in special costumes. Special certificates for each rector became the illustration of signing the Magna Charta of Universities. M.I. Zveryakov received such a certificate from the President of the Magna Charta University. This was followed by congratulations from all well-known rectors of universities and not only from Europe but also from other countries, including Australia, Egypt, etc. This illustrates the fact that the Bologna system operates not only in Europe itself, but is gradually moving to other prominent universities all over the world.

On the last day of staying in Italy, Odessa delegation was holding talks with officials from the University of Bologna on signing a bilateral agreement of cooperation. The negotiations were very successful. The University of Bologna agreed to sign the agreement. It is planned to create a draft agreement of double degree programs and bachelor level student exchange programs in the nearest future. We hope that the agreement will be provided very soon, so that we can find students with a high level of English and Italian, who will be able to go to Italy. All these changes are connected with the providing of all regulations and principles of the Bologna system all over Ukraine and, particularly in our university.

Therefore, the signing of the Bologna Charter says that we are recognized in Europe and we find ourselves among those universities that operate in the context of the Bologna system and become mobile and open to other European universities.

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