International relations department

The delegation of Odessa State Economic University with participation of rector M.I. Zveryakov and Vice-rector O.I. Yona visited Stopansk Academy “D.A. Tsenov” ( Sophia, Bulgaria) in December 2010.

Stopansk Academy “D.A. Tsenov” and Odessa State Economic University have strong and successful contacts. They is also a signed bilateral agreement on partnership. Stopansk Academy “D.A. Tsenov” is the main educational, scientific and cultural center of Bulgaria. Its infrastructure consists of 4 faculties, 20 departments, R&D centers, subdivisions of economic and administrative college, institute of scientific research and academic libraries, offices, services and “students town”. There are 320 high by qualified professors, associate professors and assistants working at the academy and there are 10 000 Bulgarian and foreign students.

The delegation took part in different celebrations devoted to Student’s Day. During the official ceremony M.I. Zveryakov was awarded the rank of “Doctor Honoris causa”of Stopansk Academy “D.A. Tsenov”. He became the 11th honored doctor of this academy.

Such a rank is also given to the president of Bulgaria, to some diplomats and scientists of the academy. M.I. Zveryakov and O.I. Yona examined technical equipment of multi-media services in lecture rooms, took the best experience in this sphere and agreed on further partnership.

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